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A Sad Goodbye

Beginning vs. Endings When new beginnings arrive most of the time there will be endings on the road. We make choices every day and some of them are really big choices and change your life. Because I’ve got my new job I had to…

5 december 2012
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Living In A Dream World

I’m a very soft sleeper…I don’t sleep deep so you can shoot a canon next to me and I won’t wake up… I hear everything that happens around me, it’s super annoying and frustrating. I only sleep very deep when i’m super tired… Still I love…

16 juni 2012
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Let’s Make Memories – Summer Song

Can’t wait to make many new memories this summer…This is one of those songs that reminds you of good times. This will probably be one of my songs that will remember me to this summer! I love it! Ben Howard – Old Pine [youtube=]…

1 juni 2012
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I’ve Got Tagged!

So, yesterday I found out that I’ve got tagged by curvyelviesays. She has send me 11 questions that I have to answer. After that I have to make 11 new questions and tag 11 friends who have to do the same. My questions: 1. Would you…

25 februari 2012