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A Sad Goodbye

Beginning vs. Endings When new beginnings arrive most of the time there will be endings on the road. We make choices every day and some of them are really big choices and change your life. Because I’ve got my new job I had to…

5 december 2012
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It’s All About Making Choices

All these choices that we are facing every single day. They never stop. I’ve never been a star at making choices. I doubt too much about what’s the best choice. It’s very exhausting sometimes. These days I’m surrounded with all these important choices I…

2 oktober 2012
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I’ve Got Tagged!

So, yesterday I found out that I’ve got tagged by curvyelviesays. She has send me 11 questions that I have to answer. After thatΒ I have to makeΒ 11 new questions and tag 11 friends who have to do the same. My questions: 1. Would you…

25 februari 2012