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It’s All About Making Choices

All these choices that we are facing every single day. They never stop. I’ve never been a star at making choices. I doubt too much about what’s the best choice. It’s very exhausting sometimes. These days I’m surrounded with all these important choices I…

2 oktober 2012
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Happy House Hunting!

Today me and my boyfriend started checking out a few homes that I’ve found through the biggest ‘house-website’ from Holland called Funda. Since September I have been checking out all the new homes for sale on that website that fit into our wishes and…

23 juni 2012
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Baby Baby Baby Oh…

Oh how I love the fact that I’m at this age where all my friends and people around me are getting married and are pregnant. There is nothing more amazing than a newborn baby…so precious and small… They make me happy and also make…

21 juni 2012
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What’s My Future Like?

Damn… Sometimes it’s so hard when you want something so bad and it just doesn’t go like you want it to be. For example…my future with my boyfriend… We have put our apartment for sale and until now we’ve only had two people come…

2 juni 2012