What If

What If…

That’s a question we bump into from time to time…is everything meant to be in life…is everything destiny…?

We will probably never know all the answers to those questions, but it’s good to talk and think about them.

Here you can find all my ‘What If’ posts:

1. What If … You Knew That You Only Have One More Year To Live

2. What If … You Could Change One Thing About Yourself

3. What If … You Could Choose Your Own Nationality

4. What If … You Could Choose How You Were Going To Die, What Would You Choose Your Death To Be?

5. What If … You Were Given Three Wishes What Would They Be?

Wat als…

6. Wat als…ik een geldboom in mijn tuin had…

7. Wat als… je iedere dag de tijd even zou kunnen stil zetten…

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