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Guess Our Babies Name And DOB

8 mei 2014


So..It could happen any day now, or mini me will take her time and wait for another 5,5 weeks to show her face to the world.. who knows?! Do YOU think you know? Do YOU want to take a guess on what date she will be born? My “official” due date is June 3rd…but which date will she pick?

It’s All In The Name

Another guess…what name will she have? Or honestly…which name does she already have… We named her right after we found out that we were having a baby girl, which is almost 4 Months ago already. We have been calling her by her first name ever since. And by we I mean me and my boyfriend. No one else knows her name yet! (Hopefully we can keep I our secret and don’t give away the name by surprise.

So, feel free to write a comment below with the name and date that you are guessing!

I’m curious about your guess!

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  • Guusje 9 mei 2014 at 15:22

    I think you named her Eva or another short powerful but sweet name. I think she wil be born on a sunday June 1st and she will be very happy to finally meet you two ♥

    • jansyluvzu
      9 mei 2014 at 15:30

      Awwww…. love that name…. can’t wait to meet her too and for her to meet her aunty Guusje… love you!