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Baby Adventures – Boy Or Girl?

2 januari 2014

boy-or-girlI honestly have NO idea if we’re going to be having a boy or a girl. It’s sooo exciting to be expecting your first child…but it’s also VERY exciting to find out if we are having a daughter or a son. Of course all I want for my child is to be is healthy and happy…

boy or girl

Before I was pregnant I always thought that we would have a girl first, but a few ultrasounds when the gynecologist always talks about a ‘he’… even though that doesn’t mean it’s a boy…it made me think that the little person a saw on that screen was a boy…

So now…I really don’t know anymore what to think…I’m definitely not certain…for sure!

Many friends and family can’t wait to find out of it’s a boy or a girl…and some of them are convinced to know that it’s a boy and some know for sure that it’s a girl.


My boyfriend doesn’t really want to know if it’s a boy or girl,,,but I honestly can’t wait! I’m soo excite to know a little bit more about that little monkey that is growing inside of me! Pretty soon we will have our 20 weeks ultrasound where we can see if our baby is healthy (as far as they can check right now) and hopefully the little boy or girl will show us if it’s a he or a she!

What do you think we are having, a boy or a girl???

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  • Karin 5 januari 2014 at 16:40

    A girl!

    • jansyluvzu 16 januari 2014 at 17:11

      you were right 🙂