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My Goals For 2013 – The Results

31 december 2013

On Dec 8th of 2012 I’ve posted my “My Goals For 2013” post.

Today I’m going to find out which of my goals I have succeeded.

These were my goals:

k9Here are my goals for the next year:

  • Buy A house – Did that on the last day of 2012, so basically I’ve succeeded that goal before 2013
  • Make our new house a Home – Our home is nearly finished and already feels like our home, we are sooo happy with how amazing our new home looks, just like we’ve always wanted.
  • Have a great 30th Birthday Party – I didn’t have a party for my 30th Birthday, but I will celebrate my 30th and 31st Birthday together with our housewarming party on January 11th. I can’t wait!
  • Have a Housewarming Party – Didn’t finish the house in time so January 11th 2014 it is!
  • Try out 5 new recipes – I actually did because for my Birthday my boyfriend took me to a cooking Class where we learned new recipes every week. (6 weeks)
  • Read 5 books – I think I’ve about 3 and 2 only half…#fail
  • Loose 10 kilo – well, BIG fail…didn’t manage to loose that….during my pregnancy (I’m 4 Months pregnant now) I didn’t gain any weight yet…so that’s good..
  • Visit at least 20 concerts – check! Seen the Backstreet Boys 10 times (concerts) and many other great shows….over 20
  • Go on a nice vacation outside Holland – went on a amazing Backstreet Boys road trip with my friends in the USA for 2 weeks, we’ve had a blast!

    me with BSB in 2013

  • Be Great at my new job make my colleagues proud – I’m still growing and I love my job! I’m proud of myself and think that I’m doing a good job so far!
  • Be Happy! – That was pretty easy this year with lot’s of great highlights!
  • Do something Crazy – Does getting pregnant count? Or having the craziest night EVER on a BSB road trip…(What happens on tour stays on tour 😉 )
  • Have a weekend movie marathon – I kind of did last weekend after Christmas with my boyfriend and it was so relaxing!
  • Watch 5 new TVseries – I did! – Homeland, Once Upon A Time, Beaty And The Beast, Mistresses & Revolution
  • Modelling in our attic

    Modelling in our attic

    Write at least 200 Blog posts at this blog (this is number 250) – Another BIG fail…I didn’t blog enough, at first I was too busy with working at the house and after that I kind of lost my inspiration to write a post at all, I really hope I can find back some inspiration because I love blogging!

  • Buy 5 CD’s – I bought more that 5; Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This, Gavin DeGraw – Best I Ever Had, Hanson – Anthem, Michael Prins – Rivertown Fairytailes and some others
  • Visit 5 Festivals – Hmmz, I visited Pinkpop… can’t remember any other festivals…
  • Spend more time with my friends – I can NEVER spend enough time with my friends!
  • Work out more – I worked out more that the year before but not even nearly enough!
  • Write notes about all the fun things and read them again on NYE –  I totally forgot…bummer!


I don’t really have that many goals for 2014, only one big one; to become a great and happy mommy! Can’t believe that i’m already over 4 Months pregnant!We’re soooo excited to become parents for the first time! I really hope 2014 will be a fantastic year with lot’s of health, strength and happiness!

Happy New Year and best wishes to ALL OF YOU!

xoxo Janske

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