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Baby Adventures – So Much Love

30 november 2013

Thank you so muchTHANK YOU!!

After we announced the big news to the world last week we received hundreds of sweet messages from friends, family and even from people we’ve never met before…so many messages on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, text messages and also some sweet cards… and all my lovely colleagues who are all excited for us…

I was overwhelmed with all the lovely words everyone told us… it even brought tears of joy in my eyes…and I don’t even blame that on the pregnancy hormones 😉 …

So each and everyone of you THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! We are so excited that we can finally share our excitement with everyone else but this many amazing reactions we’d never expected…WOW!

Week 13 Update

This week has been mostly exciting because of all the sweet messages and also because I did an extra ultrasound to do a screening test for Down’s Syndrome and some blood tests. Because my fetus wasn’t laying in the right position I had to shake my belly to make him/her move…it looked so funny on the ultrasound to see that little human being move with his/her arms.. I love those ultrasounds, even though our fetus is only the size of a melon.

Besides all the fun I have been feeling a little sick this week, everyone around me is having the flu and I really hope this one will fly by…I just don’t wanna get sick. I’ve also been having a lot of back pains since last week…I really hope this pain won’t last through my whole pregnancy because I still have 6 Months to go.

But I’ll do whatever it takes…it’s all going to be worth it in the end…

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