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My Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

1 augustus 2013

largeIn a few days me and two friends are going on our road trip through the East Coast of the USA to follow our favorite band Backstreet Boys on their ‘In A World Like This’ tour. We’ll be following them for 2 weeks by car and of course we need to have some entertainment while driving all those miles behind a few big tourbuses.

We’ve done this many times before and most times we’re driving in the middle of the night so I  was always Dj-ing in the passenger seat with the most-happy-uptempo-sing-a-long-songs I could find to keep the driver and myself wide awake. I’ve been thinking about which songs we need for our 2013 playlist and maybe YOU can help me! Which songs do you think MUST be on our playlist? It could be ANYTHING …

large (1)So far I know I want these in my playlist:

* Backstreet Boys – of course,…duh! Especially their new album “In A World Like This” will be on repeat half of the time

* Rascal Flatts – because we all love some good country songs, since they don’t ever play country music in our countries (Holland & England) and we’re in the States…the land of country music!

* Gavin DeGraw can bring us some good road trip music

* Kinderen voor Kinderen – which is Dutch children’s music which is soo happy and joyful it makes you laugh

* Mika & ABBA to get us totally hyper

* John Mayer/James Vincent McMorrow/The Whitest Boy Alive for some relaxing moments

* some popular top 40 music from the charts these days like

What or who else should we add to our list….let us know and comment below 😛

And if the radio shuts down we can always try this:


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