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Backstreet Cravin’ in London

5 juli 2013

bsb promo 2013A few weeks ago me and my friends found out that out favorite boys as in THE Backstreet Boys would come to London for a short stay to promote their new album In A World Like This. Together with 3 friends I went to London for a few days last weekend and I’ve had an FREAKING AMAZING time!

  knuffel Kevin  Short version of what happened: 

* Best hug EVER by Kevin Richardson .. Long story short…he left the band in 2006 and ever since then I had a mission that I HAD to hug him someday….so last Friday I took my chance with open arms… and the hug was even better end longer that I could imagine…(Ok, I’m totally fan-girling here…sorry!)…

* Hours of waiting at a tv station with paparazzi while also seeing the girls from The Saturdays…

me & Brian* Sleepy Backstreet Boys

* The village People

* Where were those  UK fans?

* Brian taking way to many and a very crazy and funny pic with me…

* Being live on UK Television (Sunday Brunch)

* Naughty Backstreet Boys

* Meeting friends I’ve haven’t seen in a while

AJ, Nick & Howie* Great weather in London

* Scared Bodyguards (something with elevators)

* Model Backstreet Boys

* Finding a photo of myself with Nick Carter on Perez Hilton.com

* Almost missing my flight home

* Nice diners at Hard Rock Cafe & Rainforrest Cafe

* Yummy Cocktails

me & Kevin* A way too expensive hotel

* and so so so much fun!

Can’t wait to go back to the States next Month for a 2 week roadtrip with lot’s of new Backstreet adventures! But first next week I’ll be going back to London to finally see Rascal Flatts in concert for the first time EVER! I’m super excited to see them.

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