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My Battle Update – Week 64

20 mei 2013

fit4 I’m back, and I’m on a mission.

My friends and I are going on a road trip in 12 weeks and I really want to feel confident and look better when I will be walking around in dresses in the hot summer sun. I’m so ready for a change. I’ve been having the same high weight for a couple of years now and it’s time for a change.

I’ve already took a few cooking classes with my boyfriend which taught me a lot about the basics of cooking and how to be more creative with it. It’s fun and easy to make some healthy meals. I love it!

fit2I’m also being more active and finally decided to buy my own cross-trainer machine instead of a expensive gym membership when I know I’ll probably won’t go anyway. So instead of that we have bought ourselves a cheap second hand cross-trainer and I’ve been exercising my butt of on that thing while watching my fave TV series on my laptop which makes it even a fun activity to do!

Can’t wait to see some result, because that’s what keeps me motivated, esp. in the beginning. I really want to do this right this time, and really want to see some result for once.

So here we go!

fit3These are my result so far:

Starting Weight: 104.4 Kgs

Weight after 64 weeks: 103.2 Kgs

Feeling: fresh and on a mission, been exercising a lot this week and I’m really excited!

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  • dineke12005 20 mei 2013 at 20:39

    zet hem op meis. heel veel succes,

  • Mindy 20 mei 2013 at 20:44