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Concert Review – Passenger

13 februari 2013

P2059069 Artist: Passenger * Support act: Stu Larsen * Date: February 5th, 2013 * Venue: Tivoli * City: Utrecht, Netherlands * Genre: Singer-Songwriter * Photos / Videos by: Me * Stars: 9 (out of 10)

Ever since I saw Mike Rosenberg aka Passenger live as a support act for Ed Sheeran a year ago I was blown away by his amazing voice. Last week I went to a Passenger concert in Tivoli Utrecht. Read my review here.

Stu Larsen

One of Mike’s good friends Stu Larsen came with him on tour to be his support act. The shy looking Australian singer only brought his acoustic guitar and mouth harmonica with him. His voice sounded really nice and his slow songs were easily to listen to. It was funny to see how he was moving around his left foot like he was pushing out a cigarette the whole time he was singing like he didn’t even know he was doing it. He surprised the audience with a beautiful version of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ and sang lovely songs that he wrote during his traveling around the world these past three years. It seems like he has been on a amazing journey when we listen to his songs.

P2059076All The Little Lights

Then it’s time for Passenger. The man which songs has been playing on the Dutch radio nonstop these last few months. His tour is totally sold out and people are buying tickets for three times the normal value. Tonight is his biggest headlining venue ever.

With a big smile on his face the charming Mike Rosenberg comes on stage. The crowd goes wild and the concert begins with the song called ‘David’ followed by ‘Life’s For The Living’ which is a song from his most recent album ‘All The Little Lights’. It’s nice to hear that most people in the audience already have the album because you can hear many of them sing along to the songs.

P2059068Oh Shit, I just insulted 1000 people

In between the songs Mike talks about how much he loves our country and how much this city Utrecht reminds him of a small version of Amsterdam. A big Boooo is followed by the audience and Mike says ‘Oh Shit, I just insulted 1000 people, I better go now. We all laugh and he starts to apologize by saying that Utrecht is way more beautiful and is better than Amsterdam because not everyone is smoking pot all day. During the rest of the show he keeps joking about it and apologizing, it’s hilarious.

Perfect mix of songs about life and funny jokes

Mike knows how to entertain his audience in a charming and funny way. Besides his amazing voice and enthusiastic guitar playing he manages to keep us all quiet and brings every song like a Christmas present. Everyone is super quiet and when someone even tries to talk someone else shhssss to them and Mike thanks them to help to keep everyone in the room so quiet. It’s actually a funny way of keeping everyone silent and still have fun. The biggest highlights in his performance are the songs ‘Let Her Go’ , ‘Holes’ and the funny ‘I Hate’. Also a funny duet with Stu Larsen ‘Hearts On Fire’ is great.

My opinion

Mike knows how to entertain his audience in a charming and funny way. His mix of songs that get you thinking about all the important things in life and songs like ‘I hate’. That song makes you scream along with Mike when you agree on what he hates. It’s hilarious. Too bad the concert only took 75 minutes. If you ever get the chance to see Passenger, GO! At least just check out my videos and see for yourself.

Passenger – I Hate


Passenger & Stu Larsen – Hearts On Fire


Passenger – Holes


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