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Home Sweet Home – Update 3

8 februari 2013

Our New Home

Ahhhh…Only one more week until we will sign the contract and officially buy our own house! We will get our keys so we can start right away. We’re both super excited to really get started. Last few weeks have been busy and stressful because we have to make big decisions all the time.

Pick out this, pick out that…

We’ve been choosing so many things, we’ve finally bought an amazing new bed which will take 14 weeks until it will be at our place. It has to travel the whole world first to become amazingly comfortable. It will be worth the wait for sure. We’ve also bought a huge dormer which will make our attic so much bigger. They will install the whole thing within one day so that’s amazing. We’ve also bought enough paint to make our whole home look fresh. I will feel like a pro after painting a whole house!

Wallpaper for our master bedroom

Wallpaper for our master bedroom

Besides paint we’ve also bought cute wallpaper for our master bedroom. It’s a light purple with flowers and it looks really cute. I’m glad that my boyfriend made me pick a flower design because earlier he said flowers are too girly…haha.

It’s All About The Money

Because we had 3 builders coming to our house the other day we asked them all to make us a bid to enlarge our living room space. two of them gave us their bid and we’re still waiting on the third one. The prices have a huge difference so it’s weird because it makes us insecure about both of them. I think we will have to decide in the next couple of days which builders to pick. We did pick our builder for our bathroom which is pretty excited. He will start a few days after we will get our key so that’s great!

Inspiration for our living room

Inspiration for our living room

In the meanwhile we still need to do a lot of shopping for furniture, more wallpapers and all kinds of other things..but it’s all exciting!

Here’s a new update of our checklist.

Checklist of what we need to do:

  • Extend our living room
  • Make a new kitchen
  • Make a new bathroom
  • Paint all the walls
  • Get a new floor in our living room/kitchen
  • Build a wall at the attic
  • Paint the stairs
  • Paint the hallways
  • Choose a builder
  • Find new furniture
Cute bathroom accessories

Cute bathroom accessories

Checklist of what we’ve done already:

  • Bought a house
  • Designed and picked out our perfect kitchen
  • Designed and picked out our bathroom
  • Bought a bed
  • Bought a dormer
  • Bought lot’s of paint
  • bought our first wallpaper
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