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Home Sweet Home – update 2

22 januari 2013
Love this for our masterbedroom

Love this for our master bedroom

Making big decisions…

Here’s another update on our crazy busy days before the big move…We’ve been visiting Ikea, kitchen-specialists,bathroom specialists and many other stores to search for all kinds of items to make our home our perfect home.

We’ve been visiting several kitchen specialists which made some amazing 3D designs for our own designed kitchen with all the luxury items that we wanted in it. Luckily one of them could offer us our dream kitchen within our budget so we did it, we’ve bought our first kitchen. I can’t believe how exciting this made us feel.


Our new bathtub

Besides buying our new kitchen we’ve also designed our new bathroom with a nice bathtub in it. It was surprisingly easy to pick out everything that we liked because we agreed on everything.

Everyday we have been visiting stores, making appointments and making choices about our furniture and all the other stuff. So much is going on right now and there’s still so much more to do. This is just the beginning to make a tight schedule so when we’ve got the key to our home and physically get started with all the painting and stuff we don’t have to waste any time.

Next Friday we’ll visit our new home to meet up with all the builders so they can see the property which will be their workplace next Month. Hopefully they will give us good news about the prices and the time they’ll need to finish.

Here’s a quick update of our checklist.


All the shopping is very exhausting

Checklist of what we need to do:

  • Extend our living room
  • Make a new kitchen
  • Make a new bathroom
  • Paint all the walls
  • Get a new floor in our living room/kitchen
  • Get a dormer
  • Build a wall at the attic
  • Paint the stairs
  • Paint the hallways

Checklist of what we’ve done already:

  • Bought a house
  • Designed and picked out our perfect kitchen
  • Designed and picked out our bathroom
  • Checking out beds, couches, and lot’s of other furniture.
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