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Movie Review – Pitch Perfect

10 januari 2013

Pitch-Perfect-img-05Name: Pitch Perfect

Year: 2012

Actors: Anna Kendrik, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin

Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

Stars: 7,5 (out of 10)

About the movie:

One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while must be Pitch Perfect. It’s a movie about Beca (Anna Kendrik) who is a freshman at Barden University. She wants to become a DJ and move to Los Angeles to start her carreer in music business. Her dad works at the University and wants Beca to at least join a group at school to make new friends and convince her dad that she can do that.

She decides to join The Bellas, an all-girls singing group who have been singing in a-Capella competitions for many years. Together with a new group of girls they try to make the group as harmonic as possible which seems like a mission impossible with all of these different personalities in one group.

There’s Bella, the though girl who rather want to be a DJ and spends her internship at the University’s radio station. Her co-worker Jesse (Skylar Astin) starts to fall for her and he joins the rival all-boys group.

Then there are Chloe and Aubrey who are the only two original members of the group and esp. Aubrey want to keep everything like they’ve always done it in the traditional way.


The funniest girl in the bunch is Patricia who calls herself  “fat Amy”(Rebel Wilson). She’s hilarious and stands out because of her funny comments.

The opposite of fat Amy is Lilly, she’s so quiet that it’s hard to believe she’s even in a singing group because when she opens her tiny mouth there is nothing but silence.

Then there’s Stacie who’s always touching her boobs while she is singing and telling everyone that she has a lot of sex.

Cynthia Rose is the lesbian girl with a very strong voice and then there are a few other girls.

Of course we also have the boys group with mostly nerdy but cool guys that love being in the spotlights and have big egos.

092712-pitch-perfect-623The girls wants to compeet at the finals of this big singing competition but they need to change their style and have a perfect harmony to win. It’s a long but hilarious road they have to walk with lot’s of beautiful singing competitions and full of musical challenges . Will they team up and become the best group out there? Will they win the finals? You’ll find out when you watch this awesome movie.

My opinion:

If you love comedy, music, university and girly movies than this is a must see. I was laughing (together with the rest of the viewers around me) during the whole movie. Esp. “Fat Amy” is hilarious in every scene she’s in. The story isn’t super educational but it’s a feel good movie with great singing and fun music. I absolutely loved it!

Watch the trailer here:


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