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Another Fresh New Start

14 december 2012

house Guess what…This year just keeps getting better and better..

I’ve got some other big news to share..

We’ve bought ourselves a house!

AHHHHHHHH!!! We’re soooo excited! After checking out 12 other nice houses we finally found our home!

Can’t wait to start making it our favorite place and get all the decorating started. For now it’s time to do lot’s and lot’s of paperwork, hard work and then the fun can start and a new chapter of our lives can begin! I’m so ready for it!

Besides that, my new job it going very well, I’m getting more comfortable every day and I love everything about it.

Thanks for all the congrats, I’m still amazed that it’s for real.

Busy times ahead, but everything is great! I can’t wait to share my new home with all of you!

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