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My Goals For 2013

8 december 2012

yearThe new year is coming and this will be one of my biggest life-changing years for me. I can feel it in my bones! New job, new home and lot’s of other adventures planned for me. I’m super excited about all of this and get very inspired by all of these changes.

Here are my goals for the next year:

  • Buy A house
  • Make our new house a Home
  • Have a great 30th Birthday Party
  • Have a Housewarming Party
  • Try out 5 new recipes
  • 12Read 5 books
  • Loose 10 kilo
  • Visit at least 20 concerts
  • Go on a nice vacation outside Holland
  • Be Great at my new job make my colleagues proud
  • Be Happy!
  • Do something Crazy
  • Have a weekend movie marathon
  • Watch 5 new TVseries
  • Write at least 200 Blog posts at this blog (this is number 250)
  • Buy 5 CD’s
  • tumblr_mdp6hySKNH1rjgvj6o1_500_largeVisit 5 Festivals
  • Spend more time with my friends
  • Work out more
  • Write notes about all the fun things and read them again on NYE

Can’t wait to mark them and see if I can manage to mark them all in a year from now.

Do you have any exciting things happening for you in the next year or set some goals for yourself? Tell me which goals you want to achieve! 

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