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My October Live Concerts

3 november 2012

October is one of the busiest Months when it comes to concerts. Most bands tour during October/November so I’m took my chance to see a lot of great artists this last Month. Here’s a a quick overview of the concerts I’ve been to. For some of them I had to write reviews for Festivalinfo.nl. You can find all the links here.(they are in Dutch though)

6/10 Lionel Richie @ Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam

Lionel is an amazing performer and knows how to have a great time. The show was amazing and his voice was perfect. At his age he can still entertain his audience with his charisma and humor. I was really happy to finally be a witness of one of his shows. Deffo a must see whenever he’s in your neighborhood!

Read my full review of this concert here (in Dutch)

10/10 Case Mayfield @ Paradiso in Amsterdam

One of my favorite singer-songwriters of the moment is Case Mayfield. In February he played a livingroom concert in our livingroom and this night he presented his new album ’10’. The concert was very intimate and his new songs were amazing. I had a great time.

Read my full review of this concert here (in Dutch)

11/10 Chris Isaak @ Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven

The day after Case Mayfield’s show I went to my second Chris Isaak show. He’s a great performer with a amazing live band. His voice is amazing and I really loved his concert. I especially loved it when he was singing ‘Wicked Game’ , I love that song!

16/10 Keane @ Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam

Keane has been one of my favorite bands since their first album.I’ve seen them perform live in concert many times and their shows make me feel good. They’re always very energetic and Tom’s voice is amazing.They’ve actually got better these last few years. I loved their show and it was nice to be standing front row.

Read my full review of this concert here (in Dutch)

26/10 Trijntje Oosterhuis @ Effenaar in Eindhoven

I saw her concert with one of my best friends at the concerthall I work for. She’s one of the judges of ‘The Voice Of Holland’ and I’ve always wondered what her concert would be like. She even brought 3 of her contestants with her tonight and I loved their performances. Trijntje has an amazing voice but her type of concert didn’t really blew me away. A good concert, but just not my style.

27/10 Case Mayfield @ Studentenkapel in Eindhoven

Because I just love his music and he was in town I had to see Case Mayfield for a second time this Month. This time he play at the chapel with a crowd of only 83 people. The acoustics in the room were amazing and Case sounded better than ever. He had such an amazing time and played his longest and best gig ever (his own words) . His support act Sea + Air were great too. I even bought their album after there performance. Such a talented band. This was probably my favorite concert of the whole year, but most definitely of this Month.

29/10 Jennifer Lopez @ AHOY in Rotterdam

Finally, last but not least I saw Jennifer Lopez’s first ever concert in Holland. What a great show and such an amazing dancer. I didn’t like her singing that much, but luckily she had two amazing background singers with her. She did look like she was in a hair commercial all the time with all the vans on stage. Her dancers were super hot and her outfits super sexy. A great show to watch.

Read my full review of this concert here (in Dutch)

Did you go to any concerts last Month? Who did you see and which one was your favorite ?

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