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It’s All About Making Choices

2 oktober 2012

All these choices that we are facing every single day. They never stop. I’ve never been a star at making choices. I doubt too much about what’s the best choice. It’s very exhausting sometimes. These days I’m surrounded with all these important choices I have to make in my life and I don’t want to regret any of them. You’ll only find out if you’ve made the right choice once you’ve already chosen it.

It’s good we can’t predict our future. I don’t want to know what mine looks like, but sometimes I’m just curious and anxious to find out what my life looks like in five years or so. It’s hard for me not to know the basics and be insecure about my future. But I also think strongly that everything happens for a reason and if it’s faith it will happen anyways.
But I also believe that we can guide ourselves by making the right choices in life.

These days I have a lot of choices to make about big things in life and small things. It’s quite exhausting and stressful at the same time. But I do love new things in life every once in a while, but they always come all at once.

Here are some of the choices I’m trying to make these days:

Choice 1. Work – Stay Safe VS Grow Strong

Lately I’ve made the choice to try and reach my goal at work. The job I was suppose to apply for in about three years when my colleague would leave us just came available because she decided to leave early. It’s a job that really fits me and is pretty exciting and has a lot of responsibilities. I didn’t see it coming so fast so I was surprised when she told me she would leave us. It opened the door for me sooner but I’ve decided that I really really want this. If I don’t do it I’ll stay at the same position and I’ll be stuck there. There’s no other way up in this company for me. So that’s a choice I have made for myself. I do still have to apply for it and do the interview etc. I really hope I can convince my colleagues that I’m the best person for this job! Let’s do this!

Choice 2: Old Bicycle VS New Bicycle

In my country almost everyone drives a bicycle. It’s like a car to me. I use my bicycle everyday. I drive it to work and I love it. I’ve never had my own car. I don’t need a car. Esp. since everything in my city is so close by. I drive on my bicycle for less that 10 minutes to work and that’s right in the middle of the city center next to central train station. My boyfriend does have a car so if we need to go somewhere far we can always use that or go by train. The Dutch train system is very good and takes you (almost) everywhere you need to go.

I’ve got my secondhand bicycle from my Grandma a couple of years ago because I needed a new one and she hardly ever used it anyways. So she gave it to me. The sweetheart! Lately my bicycle hasn’t been working very well and it’s almost dying. So I’ve been looking up some stores which sell secondhand bicycles and checked out a few of their bicycles. I didn’t see the ‘one’ just yet and the more websites I check out and the more bicycles I see make me confused about what kind of bicycle I want to get. Do I really want a secondhand one or should I buy a new one. Or should I just go for the cheapest one? Or should I buy a good mommy bicycle which is great for when we’ll one day have kids. Or should I buy a cheap one so it doesn’t get stolen very soon. So many choices to make. I’m really confused and don’t know exactly what I want. Arghhhhh…time is running out because my bicycle is slowly dying and I know that there will be that moment when it just stops, or I will flip over when it breaks. I really need a new one before that happens or…I’ll have a great story to blog about..haha.

Let’s just say that I need some help. Hopefully I can convince my boyfriend to go to a bike-shop with me to help me with choosing the right one. Can’t wait!

Choice 3 – House 1 VS House 2 VS House 3 VS House 4 etc .etc.

Even though we haven’t sold our apartment yet we have decided to go house hunting already and last Saturday there was a open house day in the whole country for many homes that are for sale right now. So we visited 5 homes which we really liked while my mom was staying at our apartment to be there to welcome other people who wanted to check out our apartment. Two out of three homes we really liked and we’re still going to visit a few more. But it’s a BIG decision to choose a house. Your home for the next, what, 25 years? Do we want a house near the center of the city, close to work. Or do we want a bigger house which is perfect and ready to live in but is located further away from the city center. Do we want a modern house or a cozy old house with more soul but maybe also more work.

It’s all very exciting but also scary to make such a big choice. And then there’s this voice inside my head asking me what my future will look like. Where will we be living in a year form now? Have we sold our apartment? Where do we live? It’s all about what we choose. But before we can choose someone has to make the right choice and buy our apartment so we can really move!

Choice 4 – Spent Money VS  Save Money

There are so many choices that involve spending my money right. For example; I really want to go on this big cruise to the Bahama’s in October to celebrate my favorite band the Backstreet Boys ’s 20th birthday for 4 days. One of my friends has already decided to go, but I really doubt if I should spent about 2500 euros for a holiday when I have so many other expensive plans in the near future like buying a house, marrying, having kids etc. So I’ve made the choice that I can’t go on this AMAZING cruise and I will save my money wisely for other purposes.

I also want another mobile phone, since I have had my Samsung Galaxy S for over 2 years now and I really want something new. But it’s too freaking expensive and it will cost me twice the monthly payment for two years when I want a new phone. Since I don’t know what will happen with my job I just shouldn’t choose to buy a new phone. But I do want one.

Choice 5 – Good VS Bad

Then there are all these daily choices you make that are sometimes simple and sometimes hard. Like what food to buy in the grocery store for diner. Do I pick the healthy food, or the tasty unhealthy food. Do I pick the healthy pasta with fresh greens or just a pizza in the microwave. Do I go swimming or stay on the couch.

All these choices. They will make us who we are. I hope I make the right choices in my life.

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