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Festival Review – Brabant Open Air 2012

2 september 2012

At Night

Name: Brabant Open Air * Edition: 4 * No. Of Days: 2 * Where: Eindhoven – Netherlands * When: August 24 & 25 2012 * Music Style: Mostly Rock / Pop * Audience: Mostly between 30+ / Locals (around 7.500) * Food: Only fries and snacks / nothing healthy at all * Weather: First day: Rainy / second day: perfect * Weird Fact: There was NO grass at the whole festival * Overall Score: ******* out of **********

I’m front row on the left (the pink dot)

I found out that we had this festival in my city only a 20 minute bike ride away I decided to try if I could get a press pass to check it out. Luckily me and my boyfriend both got lucky and ended up with free press passes and 15 food coins each for the weekend. A good way to start a festival if you’d ask me!

I really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. Great bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and Simple Minds played, besides many Dutch bands. Not really bands that I didn’t see yet or that I’m a huge fan off, but all together they played some nice music and had great performances.


The first night the weather was really bad because it kept raining throughout almost the whole evening. The second day was cloudy but very sunny, so it was perfect to enjoy the music without sweating like we did at the Lowlands festival the week before.


The location of the festival was in between the old Philips factories in the middle of the city centre. The abstract buildings gave the festival such a special atmosphere. The bands really liked it as well. I really missed the grass; there wasn’t any at the whole festival ground.Also even though we could eat for free because of all the free food/drink coins we could only eat fat French fries or burgers and stuff. There wasn’t any other food to choose from which I thought was really bad for such a big 2-days festival. So we ate French fries, haha.

Besides that I really had a good time and only spend 15 euros the whole weekend for both of us. I’ll be back next year!

Photo Credits: Marco Smeets

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