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Movie Review – Magic Mike

9 augustus 2012

Name: Magic Mike

Year: 2012

Actors: Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Cody Horn

Genre: Drama & Comedy

Stars: ******** (out of **********)

Well, well well… where to start. First of all, this is a superhero movie esp. for the ladies and gay men. It’s about a very, very attractive superhero with very special powers. Please don’t take your boyfriends to this movie, take all your girlfriends, have a ladies night out and you’re in for a great night!

The storyline is very simple and not very exciting.

Mike (better known as Magic Mike) (Channing Tatum) has several jobs to save money to start his own company in homemade furniture. During the day he builds rooftops and at night he is a stripper at a malestripclub owned by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). One day he meets this new boy Adam (Alex Pettyfer) at his dayjob and takes him to the stripclub to help him out. Adam doesn’t have a lot of money and Mike wants to help him a little. The club is a heaven for the ladies, very good looking guys dance and stripp their asses off in all kinds of clothing and the house is packed every night. Ofcourse Adam can’t believe what he sees and finally ends up on stage because one of the other strippers used too much drugs so he couldn’t perform. Adam makes a good impression on the audience and the clubowner desides to hire Adam.

While Adam starts to love his new carreer and makes lot’s of money, Mike is getting to know Adam’s sister Brooke (Cody Horn) who thinks that being a stripper isn’t the right job to have and thinks that life has better things to offer. Mike starts to have a hard time on changing his lifestyle and echieving his goal on having his own company. Adam get’s himself into trouble and Mike promised Brooke to take care of her brother. Adam gives mike a hard time and when Dallas decides to move their club from Tampa to the beach of Miami Mike doesn’t know if that is what he really wants. Will he stay in his lifestyle and move to Miami or will he give up everything to follow his dreams?

Like i said, the storyline isn’t very impressive, but the biggest part of the movie revolves around Mike and the other strippers showing all their sexy and sometimes very embarassing moves to the ladies in way too many different costumes. It’s very entertaining to watch, esp. their amazing dancing. We’ve seen Channing before in the dance movie ‘Step Up’ so it wasn’t a big surprise to see his amazing dancing skills. It’s also funny to watch Matthew McConaughey is a leather thong while his legs are up in the air, or to see Adam Rodriguez (CSI) in his underwear or dressed like a halfnaked firefighter. Simply very tasty to watch!

A must see for everyone who likes to look at so many very attractive men shaking their gorgeous bodies without any shame!

Watch the Official Trailer here:


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