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Camp Update: Week 2

22 juli 2012

Right now I’m celebrating my weekend off after 18 days of hard work and I really enjoyed my time off doing nothing at all for two days straight. The only things I’ve did were sleeping, watching movies, cuddling my boyfriend and we went for dinner… That’s about it.

Last week was  extremely busy but SO much fun! We had a theme week this last week with the theme: ‘Back to the future’. On Monday we had a big opening show with all the kids there (almost 900 kids). We had our amazing time machine set up and all the kids watched the opening show about our nutty professor which time machine was broken down and it made some weird noises and had smoke coming out of it.

The professor made all kinds of people appear from other times like aliens, cowboys and caveman. The kids loved it and watched with their mouths wide open. The professor needed their help to fix his time machine so the kids had to earn as many coins as possible to make enough money to fix the time machine to send all the characters back to their own time.

During the whole week the kids could earn coins by being nice to us (the project leaders) by showing them some acts or cuddle them. So last week I’ve had about 500 hugs from all these kids. We also had a teen night on Thursday where 80 teens stayed over for a whole night. They went swimming, had a casino and disco night and also a ghost walk which was exhausting but so much fun!

Next week will be the third and already our final week of summercamp. We will have lot’s of fun activities for the kids as well as for our staff. I can’t wait for the last week, sadly it will be over way to soon again. Hopefully we will raise enough money so we can stay another year.

xoxo Janske

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