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See You On The Other Side

2 juli 2012

My 5 star villa right next to a roller coaster

I’m preparing myself for 4 weeks in another world…

Tomorrow I’ll leave for camp and this means that for 4 weeks I won’t:

–  be cuddling with the boyfriend

– be eating enough healthy food

– be blogging much

– have nice good showers, only slow-and-not-warm-enough-showers

– have a clean workspace

– have a chance to sleep in

– have a nice comfy bed

– have any time for myself

– have any rest

– be visiting any concerts or festivals

Some amazing colleagues

But instead of that I WILL have:

– the best job in the world

– live on a amusement park

– sleep in a tent under a roller coaster

– get free food, snacks and drinks any time a day

– have over 900 kids around me every day

– have 5 amazing other project leaders to live with

– to work my ass off every day

But all will be SOOOO MUCH FUN!

So..ta-ta for now and I hope I’ll be able to post some blogs in the meanwhile, but I will see all of you back in a couple of weeks!

Stick around and see you soon!



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