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My Battle Update – Week 18

27 juni 2012

Strawberries On Biscuit

Another week without a scale, frustrating and relaxing at the same time. Today we finally received a new scale which my boyfriend ordered online, but when he checked it out his weight as different every time. So I didn’t even bother on going on it to weight myself. Tomorrow he will try to get a new one so I might check my weight tomorrow.

Toasted Bread With Brie,Tomatoes and Ham

This week has been pretty good. I’ve been eating lot’s of nice meals and lot’s of summer fruit like pineapple and strawberries. I did eat some bad food but not lot’s of it. I didn’t snack that much, so that’s good.

Salad With Fresh Fruit & Bread

I also did some walking with my boyfriend at night. It’s nice to walk and we can talk a lot which is nice.

For the next couple of weeks I will be living at a summercamp for 4 weeks which makes it almost impossible to eat healthy because there’s no time to really cook healthy stuff and we have an overload of crisps and candy which we sell to our staff and we can eat all day for free.

Fresh Fruit

I always try to stay away from it, but because there isn’t much choice to eat other food which is healthy, since there isn’t any and I work so hard all day that it’s to stay away from it when you’re so hungry.

Chinese Buffet

The benefit from those 4 weeks is that I have so much walking around all day at the campsite and in the whole park that I have enough exercise during the weeks. So if I can manage to stay away from the crap as much as possible I might be able to even loose some weight while I’m there.

This will be my diet food for 4 weeks #MissionImpossible?!?

For the next 4 weeks I won’t be able to post a blog about how it’s going, just because I won’t be able to weigh in and I don’t have time to blog since I’ll be working 24/7 for 4 weeks straight at camp. After a Month I will update again how I’ve done. Hopefully with some good results! If that’s even possible.

Let’s do this!

These are my result so far:

Starting Weight: 104.4 Kgs / 229,7 Lbs

Weight after 18 weeks: ??? I don’t have a scale yet.

Feeling: I keep on working and trying to have fun in changing my lifestyle.

My next update will be posted by the end of July/early August.

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  • Mindy van den Broek 28 juni 2012 at 07:53

    Veel plezier!