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Happy House Hunting!

23 juni 2012

We are ready. We can’t wait to live in a real house instead of our small apartment. So we are looking for homes to rent or buy. We could for example rent our new home at Rentola to save a lot of money, or we can see if we can buy one. It’s pretty hard to buy one these days, so rental is also a good idea.

Today me and my boyfriend started checking out a few homes that I’ve found through the biggest ‘house-website’ from Holland called Funda. Since September I have been checking out all the new homes for sale on that website that fit into our wishes and budget.

I’ve picked 5 homes and we drove to them to check out the locations and neighborhood. Two of them were close by our apartment so we checked out the street and the outside of the houses…The streets were both very nice and lot’s of trees and the homes looked nice too.

Then we drove to our favorite house, which was priced so cheap that I was worried what the catch would be…so when we drove through the street we immediately saw why this house was the cheapest. The street was so small and cropped with homes with messy gardens and the atmosphere was kind of messy. So we checked this house of our list.

The final two homes included one that was one of my favorites since September. It was located very close to the center of the city, which I love. The street looked very homie, close to many parks and it was a great looking home with lot’s of opportunities. The other house was just around the corner, but it looked straight at the railways and the huge PSV soccer stadium.

So soon we need to check out what happens when there’s a big soccer match…to check out if the fans aren’t too loud or park their cars everywhere in the street so we can’t park our own car anymore.

First we have to sell our own apartment before we can even buy a new home, but checking a few homes out, just the outside and the neighborhood to see if they have potential is fun. It makes us excited and happy because that we we can filter through the 30 (!) homes that I’ve selected online because I like them.

Happy house hunting!

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  • AWildDog 24 juni 2012 at 19:52

    I live by a football stadium and although they aren’t a big team – I can give you some advice: you will most probably have trouble parking when they play. We used to just make sure we were home before people started arrived or just stay out until the match finished. Alternatively, make arrangements with a neighbour – ask them to park their car so that it almost covers two car spaces, and when you get home, they just move their car a little and you both have a parking space.

    Any idea when you will move?

    • jansyluvzu 24 juni 2012 at 20:19

      that’s a very good idea! I have no idea when we will be moving, it depends on when we sell our apartment…right now it takes a long time before most people sell their apartments…we’ve been waiting for almost 5 months now…after we sell it we can look for something new…so i have no idea…hopefully soon!

  • Karin 26 juni 2012 at 19:12

    Wij hebben vlak naast het sparta stadion gewoond, we hadden er alleen ‘last’ van met parkeren idd en als het een belangrijke wedstrijd was dat hoorde je het wel de leuzen en als er gescoord werd. Verder viel het wel mee 🙂

    • jansyluvzu 27 juni 2012 at 12:13

      thx…goed om te weten…het scheelt dat het spoor er tussen zit, dus denk ik dat mensen sneller aan de andere kant van het spoor zullen parkeren…