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Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

22 juni 2012

Me @ Camp Last Summer

Summer has officially started yesterday…so where is it?

What happened to this world…the Climate has been changing and we get more crazy weather every season. It concerns me and I really hope it will get better soon.

It’s been raining here for days…weeks…months…where is the freaking sun? Last summer we had the most rain since 1902 in Holland…one day (a day that I will NEVER forget) it rained for 22 hours straight and I was working outside the whole day and had 900 soaked children shaking because they were so cold.

Same Day, Second Outfit

In about 10 days my summercamp starts again, well…pre-camp for a week and then 3 weeks of joy and fun…hopefully in the SUN!

I don’t care about the rain for the last few days…weeks or even months, as long as we will have 3 dry weeks when I’m at camp, so all the kids can do all the fun outdoor activities they love so much.

This is my 3rd year at camp. The first year it stayed dry every day until the last bus with kids drove away every night, then it started poring or storming. Last year we had so many rainy days that I didn’t have any more dry clothes to wear and my tent even had it’s own indoor swimmingpool. How nice!

Hopefully this year all the rain will be fallen by the time that the kids arrive so they will have a great 3 weeks. We don’t have much space for indoor activities and since most roller coaters etc are outside it’s hard to entertain 900 kids when they have a rain schedule.

Let’s hope for the best … PLEASE!?


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