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Living In A Dream World

16 juni 2012

I’m a very soft sleeper…I don’t sleep deep so you can shoot a canon next to me and I won’t wake up…

I hear everything that happens around me, it’s super annoying and frustrating. I only sleep very deep when i’m super tired… Still I love sleeping…

Want to know why?

Because I have these amazing dreams which seem so real and when I wake up I’m still dreaming so I always remember what I was dreaming. When I hit my snooze button my dream continuous most of the time when I’m not so much awake.

I love it! It’s my favorite place to be, in my dreams! Most dreams are so creative, fun and amazing and I have the most fun adventures in my dreams. Even during the day I still remember my dreams like they are real memories, it’s amazing!

I wish I could do something with them…Maybe i should blog my dreams, but they are quite personal most of the times..hihi…

Dreaming makes me happy!

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  • indiequeen84 16 juni 2012 at 17:36

    Ah lucky you! If I didn’t know that you dream every night, I wouldn’t know it exists. I never remember any dreams. But I also sleep very soundly. It can take a while before I’ll sleep, but once I do you can stand next to me with a jackhammer and I still won’t hear it.