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My Battle Update – Week 16

13 juni 2012

This week was not my best week. Here are some pictures of the meals I’ve had, so judge for yourself. Some were good and others were very VERY bad.

Next week I’ll weight in again. I have to start focussing again! Arggg…Why is this so freaking hard!

Breakfast…maybe I should have left the cheese and have other bread.

White Bread With Ham, Eggs & Cheese & A Glass Of Skim Milk

Very nice and tasty food, I left the pasta on the plate though.

Fresh Salad, Pasta with Pesto & Chicken

I ate too many of these: #FAIL! They were too hard to resist!

Very BAD But Delicious White Chocolate coconut Bar

Another delicious meal, I should have not finished all these fries…. #FAIL

French Fries,Quiche with Goatcheese and fresh Salad

Healthy and Yummy breakfast… #GO ME!

Fresh Strawberries For Breakfast

I’ve made us some healthy rise, chicken & veggies which were very tasty. 

Fresh Mushrooms,Chicken & Chinese Veggies with Rise

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