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My Favorite Fashion Items – Summer 2012

12 juni 2012

I love to see what fashion brings us every season. Of course I can’t buy all the expensive new fashion because I simply don’t want and can’t so much money on fashion. Most of the time it only lasts one season and I hate it when I can only wear it for 3 Months and then it’s out of fashion.  So I buy the cheaper version of the fashion items which I know will last at least more than one season.

It’s also hard for me to even go along with all of the fashion styles because some things simply don’t fit my curves and look silly on me…so it does save me money.

Here are some of this seasons fashion items that I really like:

Bright Orange/Coral colors

I’ve always loved wearing bright colors because they make me look better (if you’d ask me). I’ve made sure I’ve bought myself a nice coral T-Shirt.

Crazy Big & Colorful Sunglasses

Every summer I buy new sunglasses, cheap ones because they always break. I love the diversity of sunglasses that are hot right now. I love it when people were crazy sunglasses and aren’t afraid to stand out.

Dresses With Prints

I love cute dresses with nice prints, flowers, fruit or anything else. Especially when the colors are bright. I’ve bought a few myself and can’t wait for the sun to come back so I can wear them.

Bright Colored Nail Polishes

My latest obsession is nail polish. I have bought myself all the cute bright colors and love to change them around every few days.

There’s so much more stuff that I love in todays fashion, but these are my favorites right now.

What are your favorite fashion items this season?

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