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My Own Ultimate Festival

10 juni 2012

Could It Be More Perfect?

I LOVE going to Festivals…the music, the people, the food, the vibe… just (almost) everything about it. What would my perfect festival look like if I could make my own Festival?

Me @ Pinkpop Festival May 2012

This is what my ultimate festival would look like:

* It would be at least a three day Festival

* It would be on a Island with a stage at the beach and stages in the woods

* I would have a VIP/Backstage pass so I could easily get backstage and front row

Erlend Oye (Kings Of Convenience/ The Whitest Boy Alive) @ a spontanious campfire @ The ITGWO Festival Sept 2001 (by me)

* The food would be tasty,freshly made,  healthy and cheap

* We would have campfires at the beach with live music and s’mores

* Drinks would be for sale at many spots, also people who sell them while walking through the audience

* All artist would do meet ‘n’ greet signing sessions in the mornings

* no bands would play at the same  time so you wouldn’t have to choose which one you would see and which one you have to miss out on.

Our Campsite @ the ITGWO Festival, right next to the beach

* You could bring all your cameras and recorders with you

* Free water at the front rows for everyone who’s thirsty

* Clean toilets that flush and have enough toiletpaper

* Free massages by professionals

* Campgrounds would be clean, quiet and safe and also close to the ocean for a morning swim

* There would be a breakfast service that brings you breakfast in the morning for a good price

All 5 Backstreet Boys to be the headliner

These artists/bands would be my line up:

Backstreet Boys, Rascal Flatts, Gavin DeGraw, Daniel Bedingfield, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Keane, Ben Howard, Angel Taylor, Hanson, Train, Nickelback, James Vincent McMorrow, Case Mayfield, Brett Dennen, Beyoncé, Pink, Missy Elliott, Bruno Mars, Carrie Underwood, The Prodigy and a few more.

Icing On The Perfect Cake

A very diverse Line up which would NEVER happen in real life, but it´s MY Ultimate festival…so I would LOVE it! All the more intimate acts in the morning and all the crazy loud ones at night with as a headliner the Backstreet Boys of course as icing on the perfect cake!

Freshly Made Food @ ITGWO Festival

Sold Out!

If this could only be for real it would be amazing and I´m sure lot´s of other people would have a blast at my festival.

If you could have your won ultimate festival, what would it look like? Anything is possible!

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