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It’s All About You!

9 juni 2012

Could You Help Me, Pretty Please?

This will be my number 196 blog post in a period of 4,5 months. I have been writing blogs about things that interest me, my favorite music, life, reviews, things about myself and much more. But it would be nice to see who my readers are! You! So this post is all about YOU!

I always wonder who’s reading my posts deff because only a few of you write comments to my posts. I do have 45 people followers and over 6800 views, so one of them must be you! So this is what  would like to you to do! I would like to make my blog more fun and interesting for all my readers so I want to get to know you better. This will just take a little of your time and will help me a lot! And hopefully it’s fun!

Please copy these 10 questions and answer them in a comment: 

—> only fill out the ones you want to of course!

1. My Name Is: 

2. My Age Is:

3. I Live In: 

4. What I Do For Living:

5. I Can’t Live Without:

6. My Weirdest Habit Is: 

7. I Have Been Reading Your Blog Since: 

8. What I Like Most About Your Blog is:

9. One Subject I Would Like you To Write More About Is: 

10. My Message For You Is:

Thank you so much for your time and thank you for reading my blog! I really love writing my blogs and I hope you’ll enjoy them for a long time!

Big Hug To All Of You! xoxo

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  • karin 10 juni 2012 at 00:02

    Babe you know my answers on all the above q’s 😉 Keep up the good job! Just write about the things you wanna write about, its your blog.
    Apparantly ppl love your blog otherwise they dont keep coming back 😉

    • jansyluvzu
      10 juni 2012 at 13:35

      I know most of the answers, but not all of them 😉 I just want to get to know my audience and get better 🙂