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My Battle Update – Week 15

6 juni 2012

Fresh salad with goat cheese,apple,dried tomatoes and pasta

Slowly getting my feet back on the ground..After a really rough week with too much bad habits and bad food it was my job to slowly get back into my happy and healthy lifestyle. I’m deff not there yet but I managed to get myself into the right direction and at least feel a bit happier and start loosing weight again. It’s only been 0,8 Kgs but at least it’s not on my body anymore.

Fresh ingredients for my pizza

I’ve been trying to be aware of the stuff I eat. I’m not 100% on the perfect healthy track, but I’m getting there. I’ve been cooking lot’s of healthy meals with fresh ingredients like pizza and chicken. I’ve also didnt eat a  lot of snacks in between and started to drink tea again.

selfmade pizza

One thing I didn’t start again was running…I really have to stop making excuses and get my ass on the road and run.

Fries, Chicken & Fresh season greens

These are my result so far:

Starting Weight: 104.4 Kgs / 229,7 Lbs

Weight after 15 weeks: 102,7 Kgs so I lost 0,8 Kgs this week

Feeling: Better…still have a lot to change but I’m getting there!

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  • Blogging Runner 7 juni 2012 at 04:00

    Good for you!! You’re making progress!