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Movie Review – The Hunger Games

3 juni 2012

Name: The Hunger Games

Year: 2012

Actors: Jennifer LawrenceJosh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth and many other great actors

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Stars: ********** (out of **********)

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

The movie is about this world where the nation is divided by twelve districts and a Capital. Every year two young people from each district are picked to play in The Hunger Games. Everyone in the nation has to watch this game on TV. During the game 24 players will fight against each other until there is only one player left so only one will survive while everyone else is watching this horrible game.

When Katniss Everdeen’s sister Prim gets chosen to compete for district 12 she volunteers to take her sisters place in the game. Together with Peeta Mellark, a boy from district 12. The are up against many other very strong players and are send into this big circus which are called the Hunger Games. Who will win the games is the big question…

When you like adventure movies with great characters, amazing costumes and also more parts after the movie ends? Then you’ve probably already have seen the Hunger Games in your local theater. If not, make sure you’ll watch it because it will blow your mind.

When you don’t like to watch movies but do love to read books, this is part one of Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games‘ Trilogy books.


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