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5 Ways To Get On Stage During A NKOTBSB Concert

19 mei 2012

On Of My Banners

During the NKOTBSB Concerts the Backstreet Boys serenaded the song ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’ to 4 fans on stage. So most of the ladies in the audience wished they would be picked to go on stage and be serenaded by their favorite Backstreet Boy.   A few of my best friends actually managed to get on stage including my mom. for everyone who’s in Australia now and is going to see the show in the next few days, here are 5 ways to get yourself onstage.

1. Make A Crazy Banner

We made some amazing banners and got Eveline and my mom on stage! Eveline and I made 3 banners for my mom;

1. ‘Brian, Please Pick Her Mom’

2. Brian, Please pick my Mom’

3. Please Pick Me

Brian saw them and he picked my mom…so that worked!

be creative, make them bright and sparkly so they can read them easily…Make sure you write one of the boys’s names on it. I’ve made the one in  the picture and didn’t get on stage, so it might have something to do with that..I’m not sure.

2. Dress Funny

It seems that Nick always picked funny or weird looking girls (sorry ladies) and Brian also went for the kids, moms or disabled people. So if you’d love to go on stage with one of them make sure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Brian Littrell Serenading My Mom On Stage

3. Ask Them During The Soundcheck

You can also just simply ask them when you meet them before the show during the sound check meet and greet. Many people have done that and it  doesn’t always work of course, but it’s worth a shot.

4. Tweet Them

Send them a tweet, Socialcam video or something else through social media…Only worry, when they don’t see it in time it’s not going to work.

5. Just Be Lucky

Simply the best way to get on stage, you have to be lucky I guess, with thousands of girls who all want to be on stage and only 4 girls that make it onto the ‘penisstage’…you simply have to be lucky.

I went to see them on 14 shows and saw 58 girls getting onstage…I never got lucky enough to be one of them, but seeing my best friends and my mom being one of those few lucky ones made everything worth it! I definitely can’t complain at all.

Here are some videos of my friends and my mom on stage with the BSB:

Sarah & Howie in Fenway Park, Boston USA, 11-06-2011:


Eveline & Howie (@ BSB’s 19th Birthday)  Belfast, England, 20-04-2012:


My Mom & Brian in Rotterdam, Holland, 01-05-2012:


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