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European NKOTBSB Tour Diary Part 6

17 mei 2012

Some banners I’ve made for our last show

Where: Oberhausen & Düsseldorf (GER)

When:  May 10 & 11, 2012

Who: Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, Eveline, Jurgen and lot’s of other amazing friends and fans!

Ok, are you ready for the final part of my adventures? This one doesn’t have a happy ending unfortunately.

BSB Live In Oberhausen

Happy Or Sad?

Even though we were a little depressed because this was our final NKOTBSB show we were also very excited for that day. Our friend Jurgen would join us so we were in for a great day. Jurgen and Eveline picked me up at home and only one hour later we arrived in Oberhausen. There weren’t that many fans at the venue so we decided to wait in line and got number 43 and 44 in line. Jurgen bought a ticket, because he didn’t have one jet so he could join us inside.

Nick at drums during soundcheck

Final VIP Sound Check Party

When the VIP party started checking in everyone (which were about 300 fans) to go to the Soundcheck Party we tried to buy us some tickets. It was totally sold out so we had to wait until everyone was checked in so we could buy ourselves a VIP. This was our 3rd Soundcheck Party during the European leg and our 9th NKOTBSB Soundcheck Party. Mostly we bought this VIP so we could be front row during the concert.

Final show, front row!

The soundcheck was so much fun. The boys were super funny, Nick played the drums and they played more songs than usual. After the Soundcheck Party we waited in the food corner area outside the arena. 1o Minutes before the doors opened all hell broke loose and those stupid German hostesses tried to keep us back while everyone else was running inside and got to the front row. I was loosing my temper and pushed myself through everyone ans managed to get one of the final spots front row for me & Eveline. Jurgen was standing front row on the other side of the catwalk so we could wave to each other. We were so relieved that we could celebrate our final concert front row.

BSB rockin it

We were so ready for our last show… but also very sad because in a few hours we would hear the last notes from their final song… but for now we decided to make it the best show ever! The concert was amazing, we danced and sing along to all the songs reminding ourselves that this would be the last time we would hear it live for a while or maybe forever. The audience and the boys had so much energy tonight, they rocked it. I’ve made some banners with the words ‘Thx for 14 gr8 shows, see you soon’ on it and they all loved it and thanked us. It was great. Best concert to end a tour.

Nick & Howie @ Afterparty

So that’s it, right…show’s over…nope, not yet…AFTERPARTYYYYYY

Could I please have a happy ending?

After the show Nick & Howie had a afterparty in Düsseldorf, a city nearby Oberhausen. We drove to Düsseldorf and wet to the nightclub where the afterparty was held. We straight went to the DJ booth because we knew that Nick would be DJ-ing and Howie would be singing there so we had amazing front row spots against the DJ booth. The DJ played amazing music and we danced and had so much fun while waiting for the boys.

Nick @ Afterparty

Then Neverest came out (Howie’s friends from Canada who were the support act in Germany). Eveline told them that we were team howie d on Twitter and they were happy to meet us again. Last time we met them was in Canada last summer.  Then Nick & Howie came inside and people started to push. I didn’t mind because I was front row anyway…the boys looked great and said hi to us. Howie smiled at us and said it was good to see us again.

Omg…so much pain…

Then 2 of the clubs security pushed us backwards so they could stand in front of us.Then i felt this horrible pain in my finger, like someone was tearring my nail of my thumb. I cursed really loud and almost fainted because i was in duo much pain.My thumbnail was stuck behind the guy and it hurt much… So there I was standing in front of two backstreet boys trying to stop myself from screaming and crying my eyes out.I really needed some ice to put on my nail/finger but I Had no where to go. Ik was stuck between the djbooth and 100 pushing fans who all wanted to stand at my spot. So I told Eveline that I had so much pain that I felt like I was going to pass out.She tried to get me calm but I saw everything getting dark….and fainted…

Omg I felt so stupid…Jurgen and Eveline helped me back up but I fainted again…I really needed some ice and some air…Howie and Josh (howie’s bodyguard) were really conserned and gave me some water and finally helped me to get out of there. I was guided from the djbooth, behind the bar to another area and got some more water and ice for my finger which was still hurting like hell. Eveline and Jurgen soon came to see how I was doing.I felt like crying because I had so much pain but also because I felt so ashamed about the whole scene.Everyone must have thought that I passed out because of the heat or something, but I was even standing under the airco.And most of all because that was the last thing that the boys saw of me this tour…the worst ending possible, I couldn’t even day goodbye to them.Thankfully Eveline had a chance to say goodbye from the both of us and thank them for the help and a great tour. So thank you Eveline!

After the afterparty it took me a long time to feel better…even the day after I Was still feeling light headded and my thumb still hurts, even now.

Besides this awefull thing my whole tour was amazing and I loved being om the road with my friends!

Thanks to all of you! I love you and hope we will soon do this again! Xoxo

Don’t turn out the lights now..

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  • Karin 21 mei 2012 at 10:29

    Loved all your stories! 😀 Ben ik er de laaste weken toch beetje bij geweest! Im so glad you had soo much fun! (ondanks het laaste stukje *hug*)

  • Annabel 18 juni 2012 at 22:54

    Heey, vroeg me af of je nog meer foto’s en/of filmpjes hebt van de afterparty!

    • jansyluvzu 18 juni 2012 at 22:59

      alleen wat foto’s