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European NKOTBSB Tour Diary Part 5

15 mei 2012

Concert number 8th in Europe

Where: Stuttgart (GER)

When:  May 6 until May 7 2012

Who: Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, Eveline and lot’s of other amazing friends and fans!

A Beautiful Roadtrip

After an amazing time in Stuttgart we woke up early to drive to our next stop; Leipzig. We drove for over 4 hours but the drive was beautiful. When we arrived in Leipzig we’ve found a beautiful 4 star hotel for a super cheap price so we felt really lucky. Then we checked in, got changed and drove to the venue.

BSB Live in Leipzig

When we arrived at the venue we only saw about 10 fans waiting there, we expected many more so we were really surprised. Because we wanted to go the the soundcheck we went to one of the crew members Justin who checked us in at the soundcheck.

Sound Check Party

Soundcheck Party @ Leipzig

The soundcheckparty was great. The boys were very happy and crazy and we’ve had  a blast. After a great soundcheck we had to wait outside the arena in the waiting area. 5 Minutes before the doors opened we could run back inside the arena to get our front row spots. We were running super fast and mad it to the best spots that we wanted so we were very excited!

me & Eveline during the Leipzig concert

Before the concert started some of the girls who were standing behind us were asking us questions about the show and we told them that this was our 13th NKOTBSB show and they were in shock. The kept asking us questions and even wanted to take pictures with us. They were so cute and sweet.

Don’t Turn Out The Lights Now…

AJ and Nick Live in Concert

The concert was amazing. Support act Neverest rocked the house that night and I loved their performance. BSB and NKOTB both showed their love for us. They waved, smiled, blew air kisses and Donnie even took some pics of us. The show was amazing and me and Eveline had so much fun.

After the concert we went back to the hotel and enjoyed our huge and very comfortable bed and nice shower. What a day, it was amazing!

My final adventure to Oberhausen and Düsseldorf will be next…to be continued!

Some more pics from Leipzig:

Donnie 😛

Neverest Live @ Leipzig

Nick and fan


Sound Check Party

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