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Back To Reality … Life After Tour

11 mei 2012

Ok, so…back to life, back to reality. I’ve been on the road traveling to 5 different countries and 10 different cities with  my friends to see my favorite boys, The Backstreet Boys with their NKOTBSB European tour.

I’ve had the best time ever…going to 9 concerts, front row,hotels,meetings,afterparties,crazy  things! but now it’s over and done…back to reality.

After tour life is hard to adjust to after all the fun you’ve had you never know how long you have to wait until the next tour arrives. I sure can’t wait!

I’ll soon post all my tour adventures, but for now I have to take some time to take a breath and relax, catch some sleep and let it all in.

2 Weeks of work and then there’s one of my favorite festivals! And I get to go as press…you I can write reviews about many great artist! I’m super excited, but I really need to prepare myself! Good stuff ahead…but for now…after tour depression…blehh..

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