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My Battle Update – Week 11

9 mei 2012

Diner @ The Rainforest Cafe in London

Ok, so for today I’m back in ‘real-life’. Tour life hasn’t been the best diet as we all know. On the road I never had a normal decent day with healthy food. I only had days with mostly just one good meal a day. I ate pizza, French fries, German bratwurst, burgers, subway and some Mac Donalds and Burger King. Not the type of food that I should eat.

I did walk a lot and did some ‘fast running to get front row at a concert’ so I managed to even loose some pounds while eating so much crap. Probably also because of all the adrenaline when 9 gorgeous guys are in front of me every night shaking their booties and blowing air kisses at me.

Delicious pizza in Rotterdam

Tomorrow it’s my final NKOTBSB concert so one more tour day ahead…after that it’s back to reality!

These are my result so far:

Starting Weight: 104.4 Kgs / 229,7 Lbs

Weight after 11 weeks: 102.9 Kgs

Feeling: Alright..getting myself ready to get fit and healthy again!

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