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Blog Challenge Day 26 – Top 5 Worst Qualities Some People Have

6 mei 2012

1. Jealousy

I simply hate jealousy, I just don’t get it why people can be so sickly jealous sometimes. It’s not healthy if you ask me.

2. Lying

Some people lie all the time. Why lie so much…a small lie for the better can happen…but big lies will come out somehow.

3. Unfaithful

Whenever your love for your partner isn’t strong enough to stay faithful talk about it with him/her. End the relationship before you end up being unfaithful. It’s not fair for the other person. Just be honest.

4. Bad listeners

I hate it when people don’t listen. Some people just can’t listen to others.It’s super annoying if you’re having a conversation with someone who just doesn’t listen to what you’re saying.

5. Always think they’re right

It’s so frustrating to convince someone who always thinks they’re right that they  are not. Most of the time this person also can’t listen and doesn’t see that every story has two sites.

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