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Blog Challenge Day 24 – Top 5 Best Jobs I’ve Ever Had

4 mei 2012

Me @ work at Camp in Holland

1. Project Leader at a Summer Day Camp in a Amusement Park 

Since 2010 – Now I work in a team of 6 project leaders for this summer day camp in Holland. It’s a 3 week Day Camp in July where kids from 5 till 12 years old can have a week of fun. There are about 900 kids every week and about 100 counselors. the 6 of us have to make sure everything works out fine so we actually live there for 4 weeks straight. It’s hard work with lot’s of responsibilities, but I love it very much. I love working with everyone and making it a great summer for those kids.

Having fun with my girls @ Summercamp in WV

2.Tripping Specialist at a Summer Camp in the West

Virginia (USA)

For two summers (2005 and 2006) I’ve worked as a tripping specialist at the best summer camp in the USA called Camp Twin Creeks. I took groups of kids into the woods and we stayed there overnight in tents and I made them a nice campfire with hotdogs and burgers. It was the hardest job I’ve ever had, 9 weeks straight making sure that the kids (who stayed there for 2 weeks) had the best time of their life. I had to be their ‘mom’, ‘best friend’, ‘sister’ and guide at the same time. I’ve learned a lot while working there and made some lifelong friendships.

3. Public Information/Cashier at Concert venue

Since February 2010 I’ve been working as a cashier in the box-office of the best concert hall in town called Effenaar. I’ve also been working there at Public information. So I’ve been doing reception work, ticketing, answering phonecalls, letting bands inside, guestlist etc. Basicly I’m the first person people see or speak to when they enter this venue. It’s great because I get to see many bands for free and I’m always surrounded by people who love music or make live music.

Me & Maureen @ Sheraton Resort after some games

4. Activities Specialist at a Sheraton resort in South Carolina (USA)

In the summer of 2007 (6 Months) It wasn’t really a job, more like an internship, but I worked there like it was my real job. I was one of the activity specialist at a big Sheraton Resort. I teached water aerobics, gave lessons in making soap, made hair wraps, played poker, made Tie-Dye shirt, had pizza parties and more fun things with all the guests who stayed at the resort. It was hard work sometimes, but I loved my job there and mostly I loved all the amazing colleagues and guests. (miss you guys!)

5. Sales Adviser at H&M

So I also worked at H&M for almost 5 years (from 2001 until 2005). I had my own departments in Kids accessories and I loved it. I also got 25% discount on everything so you can imagine how much H&M clothes I bought while I worked there. I also had great colleagues which I still miss very much.

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