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Blog Challenge Day 24 – Top 5 Food I Don’t Eat

3 mei 2012

Here are my top 5 of food products I never eat, Yak!:

1. Food that is still alive

Whenever I watch these shows where people will eat alive animals for money I think of myself…will I do it or not? It just freaks me out the eat worms or anything else that is still alive. The thought of living animals inside me…ieuwwhh..*puke*

2. Any meat with bones

I hate to eat meat where you can still see the bones in it. It’s just to confronting for me. I eat meat, but only when you can’t see which animal it is. (if you know what I mean). I’m not a vegetarian, i just don’t like to be reminded about the animal when i’m eating it, call me selfish..I’m sorry.

3. Brussels Sprouts

I’ve eaten them in many different ways, but they are just disgusting, period!

4. Fish

I don’t eat much fish, only the kinds that don’t really taste very strongly or who are fried. I don’t like salmon even though I think it looks very tasty. And same as the meat, I only eat fish without the skin on it, when you can’t see what it used to look like when it was still alive.

5. Chicory

Chicory is just awful. It makes me wanna puke…so gross.

Which food don’t you eat at all?

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  • AWildDog 3 mei 2012 at 15:36

    I won’t eat anything still alive either, and sprouts…. YUCK!