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Blog Challenge Day 22 – Top 5 Favorite TV Series

1 mei 2012

1. Pretty Little Liars

This is a TV Series I’ve recently discovered and I couldn’t stop watching it. That’s one of the main reasons why I love watching series, when you get sucked into the story and you can’t wait to find out what happens  next. It’s about four friends who have lost a friend recently. One year after there friend died they start to receive weird messages through e-mails and texts. They try to find out who does it and they have to find the answers between all the lies. I’ve already blogged a review about these series once. Read it here.



2. 24

I’ve watched all seasons of 24 through the years and I love all seasons. They each have 24 episodes of 1 hour long so every season is about 24 hours of events. It’s about Jack Bauer and his team who try to save the world many times. Every hour so many things happen that it’s hard to keep up with everything. It makes you exciting to see what happens and who’s good and who’s bad.



3. Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for years now. I love the story lines, the characters and the way the series are written. Some seasons are better than others but I still love watching it after all these years.



4. Heroes

talking about saving the world. Even though it’s mostly science fiction I DO love Heroes! The people who wrote these stories are amazing. I just love all the characters and there abilities. I hate it that this show got cancelled and I don’t get why.



5. Lost

I started watching this and it was so intense and complicated that I started over. i haven’t watched all the episodes yet, because I want to start over again. I think I want to watch it all together. I did before and I couldn’t stop watching it. I even watched episodes while I was at school in class on my i-pod, it was so addicting.


What’s your favorite TV Series? Which ones should I deff watch?

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