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Blog Challenge Day 17 – Top 5 Things I Like About The USA

26 april 2012

1. Diversity of Landscaping

When I was traveling through the USA and while I was living there I noticed the most beautiful landscaping. It’s so diverse and so beautiful. I love it! Esp. in West USA there’s something new around every corner.

2. People

Even though sometimes it feels like Americans pretend that the whole world around them doesn’t exists and that they are the best and most important. But I’ve met so many Americans who were super friendly and I really started to love them. They are very nice people, well, most of them.

3. Walmart

I gotta say that I love Walmart. I could spend hours in that store just looking at all the weird stuff that they sell there. I would check out everything if i had the time. I wish we had a store like that here.

4. Free Refills

One of the best things about the USA are the free re-fills. I love a big glass of Diet Coke, esp. when I only have to pay it once. Best invention ever!

5. Food

The food is so cheap whenever you go for diner. Everything is so big, portions are twice the size we have. No wonder why Americans are overweight…it’s pretty easy to get fat when they give you enough food for 3 people for every individual.

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