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Blog Challenge Day 16 – Top 5 Things I Love About My Country

25 april 2012

1. Insurance

I love how almost everyone has a good insurance here.  When you work somewhere your boss pays whenever something happens on the job. Insurance here isn’t cheap but when something bad happens they pay (almost) all costs, depending on what happened.

2. Rules

I agree with most of the rules we have in our country. For example, when we want to start driving a car you must be 18 years old and take many lessons and several exams before you can go on the road.

3. Freedom of speech

We can speak our mind and have our own opinion on life. We can marry when we’re gay and be ourselves (most of the time). Of course there are always exceptions, but the rules say you can.

4. Diversity of Food

Whenever I’m in a grocery store I can buy food from all different nationalities. Also I can buy healthy fresh food almost everywhere. I can eat different food from different countries everyday. Also we have many different styles of restaurants. There’s too much to choose from really.

5. Public Transportation

I gotta say that I really love the Public Transportation here. Even though sometimes, like today, trains don’t ride on time. Most of the time trains, buses, trams and metros ride nicely on schedule. I can’t live without it, because I don’t have a car. I only use my bicycle (through the city) and Public Transportation whenever I go out of time without my boyfriend.

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