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What If … You Were Given Three Wishes What Would They Be?

22 april 2012

Ok, so I could wish for world peace, Love and Money…but these are my 3 wishes I have right now.

1. Never Be Overweight Anymore

I wish that I would never be overweight anymore so I could eat whatever I like without gaining weight. That would make my life SOOOO much easier. Just to have a ‘normal’ posture and be able to wear cute clothes and not feel fat.

2. The Next Chapter

I wish I could go to the next chapter in my life, therefor I need our apartment to be sold, buy a nice house. start a family and get married. Oh wait, those are 4 wishes honestly. But I make them one…hihi.

3. Make Other People Happy

I wish I could make other people happy, even if it’s just little things, a smile on someone’s face is enough. I just love to make other people happy, because that’s what makes me happy too.

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