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20 april 2012

I found this Tag at a Maaike’s blog.

I really liked hers and I have re-blogged it here:

Vital Stats:
Name – Janske
Nicknames – Jans, Jansy, Jansyluvzu, Dutch, Jetski
Birthday – 1 January 1983
Place of Birth – Heeze
Star Sign – Capricorn
Occupation – Public Information/Cashier/Receptionist/Reviewer

Hair color – Blond and it’s very curly…
Hair length – My friend is my hairdresser and recently cut half of my hair of so it’s nice and short now. Let the summer begin!
Eye color – Blue
Best feature – my hair, nails, lips
Braces – had them in my teenage years, one that I could take out whenever I wanted
Piercings – only 2 in my ears
Tattoos – I don’t have any tattoos. I might get one someday, but for now I don’t need one
Righty of Lefty – I’m very right-handed, my left hand is almost useless..lol

Best friend – Linda, She’s been my friend since I was 15 yrs old, we’ve shared many great memories and I love her so much!
Award – I’ve won many prices on many performances with lip syncing and other crazy shows, I loved doing that
Sport – swimming, I love being in the water and feel like I’m skinny and don’t weight anything
Real Holiday – March/April 2009 – Road trip through West USA with my love for 4 weeks, best vacation EVER!
Concert – I’ve been to so many concerts that it’s to hard to choose just one. My most memorable concerts are many Backstreet Boys concerts, just because I’m mostly front row and have a lot of contact with the BSB while they are performing. They are the best artist while it comes to interaction with their fans during their concerts. They keep goofing around with us during the whole show.

Film – The Goonies, The Breakfast Club
TV Show – Pretty little Liars, 24, ANTM, The Real World
Color – Green/Blue, kind of aqua mix of colors
Song – Who do you love – BSB, Heaven – Bryan Adams, Drops of Jupiter – Train
Restaurant – Sizzling, HRC, Ruby Tuesday
Store – H & M, A & F, VS, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Gap, V & D
Book – Blauwe plekken, The Lovely Bones
Shoes – Adidas sneakers

Feeling – Excited…about my NKOTBSB tour!
Single or Taken – Taken since feb 2005
Eating – nothing right now…
Listening to – the news on TV
Thinking about – Stressing out about things to organize before I’m taking off for tour
Watching – my computer screen and TV
Wearing – comfortable army green trousers and my Howie D 100 kisses t-shirt

Want Children – Whenever we live in a big enough house we would love to have children
Want to be married – I would love to get married, we’ve been engaged for 3 years now and I would love to be his wife instead of fiancée
Careers in mind – I have graduated in Tourism, but I’m always up for learning more skills
Where do you want to live – in the long run Holland, but for a while; USA, Canada or Australia

Do you believe in:
God – not really
Miracles – sometimes, but i believe more in faith
Love at first sight – for sure
Ghosts – yes
Aliens – why not, the universe is huge, why would we be the only ones there…
Soul Mates – for sure
Heaven – I think so, don’t know what it would be like, but there’s more after life if you ask me
Hell – same as for heaven
Kissing on the first date – sometimes, but no sex on first date
Yourself – of course I do

Anyone who also wants to re-blog this have fun!

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