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Blog Challenge Day 11 – Top 5 Favorite European Cities

20 april 2012

Last week I posted my top 5 favorite cities in the USA, now I pick my 5 favorite cities a little bit closer to home, in Europe. Each city has it’s own special futures.

Me in Paris 2005

1. Paris, France

One of the most romantic and beautiful cities is Paris. It’s only a four hour drive for me to get to Paris and I’ve been there many times. There are so many beautiful places to visit and there’s so much to see. You can visit most attractions by walking so that’s nice too. I must visit when you’re going to Europe.

Me & Barcelona 2007

2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful summer city which has a beach and also a very beautiful shopping center. I’ve been there several times and it’s a great city to go on a summer city trip to, so you can mix up staying at the beach with shopping.

Me & Sara in London 2003

3. London, England

I’ve only been there once to see a Backstreet Boy perform in the musical Chicago, but I’ve done some serious touristy stuff that weekend. I totally loved the Madame Tussuad Wax Museum with their horror show with real life actors. I’ve never screamed so hard in my life. I also loved the London Eye which gives you a overview over the whole city. I just really felt good when I was there even though it’s not the prettiest city.

Me, Linda & Karin in Cologne 2005

4. Cologne, Germany

I’ve got a lot of great memories made in Cologne. It’s only 1,5 hours away from my hometown, so it’s not far at all. It’s a beautiful city with a rivers straight through it that divides it in two parts. It has great history and beautiful old buildings. I’ve never actually done real sightseeing there, so I still need to do that sometime.

Breakfast in Copenhagen 2008

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

When me and my boyfriend went to the Roskilde Festival (close to Copenhagen) a couple of years ago we also visited the capital Copenhagen for a day. What an amazing city that was! Great shopping center, beautiful buildings and houses. They even have a hippie village which is amazing! I really want to go back there.

Some other cities I’ve been and I really would like to visit again are Stockholm, Lisboa, Rome, Milano and Madrid. I’ve been to all cities, but I would love to go back and do all the touristy stuff.

Which are you favorite cities in Europe??

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