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What If … You Could Choose How You Were Going To Die, What Would You Choose Your Death To Be?

19 april 2012

If would choose to be old and grey. That I have lived a happy life and that I’ve made many other people happy as well. I hope that before I die I get to say my goodbyes and thank yous to everyone who is close to me and give them some last wise words. And then die in my sleep.

Most importantly I hope that I am ‘ready’ for it and not afraid. Also that I’m satisfied with the life I’ve lived so far.

If I would die now I must confess that I’m not ‘ready’ yet, because I have to many dreams to accomplish, but I’m happy and satisfied with the life I’ve lived so far.

I surely hope I’ll never drown or suffocate to death, esp. drowning freaks me out. Two years ago I felt like I was drowning once ( while diving 7 meters deep I’ve stopped breathing through my mouthpiece so I had no breath and my instructor had to push me above the water) and whenever I think back about it I feel like I can’t breath.

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