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Blog Challenge Day 7 – Top 5 Reasons You Feel The Way You Do Right Now

16 april 2012

1. Excited

I’m ridiculously excited because today I start my NKOTBSB tour with my girls. I will fly to Dublin tomorrow and hopefully start a wonderful amazing tour with my best friends. We will be going to several countries to see both Backstreet Boys and New kids On The Block perform 9 times live on stage! Yay! I’ve seen the show 5 times in the USA & Canada last summer and I loved it!

2. Nervous

I’m also feeling nervous. Will I make my flight, will everything work out as planned. Will we meet the boys…have I’ve packed all the important stuff or did I forget something…will it be raining all tour? All worries I have before tour…tour-stress to the max…

3. Party Mood

Today it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and he invited me and 2 of his best friends to go indoor skydiving! How excited is that for a birthday party! First we’ll go for diner and after that we’ll go skydiving.

4. Curious

I’m curious about the indoor skydiving. I wonder if I’m going to stay up in the air…lol. Is it going to be scary or just super fun?!It’s new so I’m curious how it’s going to be.

5. Heavy

Even though I will be feeling light as a feather tonight while I’m skydiving, right now I feel heavy and fat. Can’t wait until that day will come when I won’t feel heavy anymore.

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  • maaike 16 april 2012 at 15:46

    Heel veel plezier jans, met alles wat je de komende tijd gepland hebt staan! X maaike

    • jansyluvzu 16 april 2012 at 15:59

      Thanks babe! Dat gaat wel lukken!

  • feelitright 18 april 2012 at 10:53

    I have never been to BSb or NKOTBSB concert although I really want to.