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Blog Challenge Day 6 – Top 5 Most Useful Inventions

15 april 2012

1. Cellphone

Can we even imagine living without a cellphone these days?! I remember when I nobody had a cellphone and we would do just fine. Now whenever there is something wrong so people can’t use their cellphones they freak out. Esp. since we have smartphones and we don’t only use them for actually calling. They are an amazing invention if you ask me. You can always contact someone, wherever you are.

2. Internet

Can you remember the time before the internet? I really have  a hard time remembering. The world became so much smaller since the internet started. You can find EVERYTHING on there. It never get’s bored and it changes all the time. The future generation will probably spend more time online than in real life. Weird, but probably true.

3. I-pod

One of my favorites is my I-Pod. I’ve bought it in 2007 and I’ve used it almost every day since. I listen to music, watch movies on it and also have many pictures on my I-Pod. Because I’m a huge music lover it’s amazing that I can listen to anything I want, whenever I want to. I have over 19.000 songs on my I-Pod. It’s deff one of my favorite gadgets.

4. Google

Whenever we want to know something there will always be our best friend Google. Google will never laugh when you ask him a stupid question and is always there to help you out. Google would be the most popular kid in highschool for sure.

5.  Facebook

What would the world look like without Facebook? It’s our diary, our memo, our friendshipbook, calender, addressbook and chat room all at once. And most important, it’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends. When there wasn’t internet I used to have over 80 penpalls all over the world and I wrote actual letters and put stamps on them. Now we can stay in contact for free and faster than ever. It gives you a chance to stay closer with people you would never see again if it wasn’t for Facebook.

What are your 5 most usefull inventions?

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  • maaike 15 april 2012 at 18:04

    Totally agree with you! 🙂

  • Aiyana Blanche Ela 9 mei 2012 at 19:03

    These inventions are indeed quite useful but as humans we can live and survive without ever having to use.

    The best inventions made to man are the ones that take care of a persons basic physical needs such as shelter, clothes, safety of a person.
    Inventions such as a bulletproof vest and thermal clothing which saves someones life is far more superior to a cell-phone, google, internet, iPod and Facebook put together.